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Day 1 - Frog Stand

The frog stand, is a foundational calisthenics exercise that targets the core, shoulders, and arms. In this exercise, you will balance on your hands with your knees resting on the backs of your elbows. It will use strength, balance, and coordination to hold the position steadily.

The frog stand is one of the exercises within Level 1 of the Calisthenics Compounds system and is a precursor to the more advanced hand balancing exercises such as handstand and handstand push-up.

Todays Action

Attempt to unlock the frog stand

REPS: 2r of 5s hold
REST: 1-2min
SETS: 3-5

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Extra Content - Beginners Cali Guide

The beginners calisthenics guide will give you the information you need to know to feel confident with your training. This guide covers common gym terms, mindset and other useful tips that'll help. 

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