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Day 2 - Dragon Flag

The dragon flag is a challenging calisthenics exercise renowned for its ability to target the core, particularly the rectus abdominis and the stabilising muscles of the lower back. It came into popularity from training videos of Bruce Lee himself. 


In this exercise, you'll lie on your back with your hands gripping onto a stable surface behind your head for support. With your body straight and rigid like a flagpole, you'll lift your legs upward until your body is perpendicular to the ground, using only your core muscles to control the movement

Executing the dragon flag demands a combination of core strength, stability, and control. It's another exercise within Level 1 of the Calisthenics Compounds system and this will lead you to being able to unlock front lever and have a core of steel.

Todays Action

Attempt to unlock the dragon flag

REPS: 5r
REST: 1-2min
SETS: 3-5

Day 2 - Bonus Move - CC Beginners Ring Combo

This Beginner Ring flow is likely your first calisthenics combination that challenges upper body strength, stability, and coordination. In this exercise, you'll use gymnastic rings suspended from overhead to perform a series of dynamic movements, transitions, and holds. Ring combos engage multiple muscle groups simultaneously, including the shoulders, chest, back, and core, making it an effective full-body workout.


To perform it well and make it look good. It will be as much about control and expressing mobility as it is strength. This may highlight some areas you need to work on.


I have created this so that my clients could train a combo before having a single pull up. It's an excellent way to challenge yourself and take your calisthenics practice to the next level.

Attempt the ring combo. It may help to keep your feet in the rings to start with.

REPS: 1r with 2s in each hold
REST: 1-2min

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Extra Content - Flexibility Routine

Within this initial upper body flexibility routine for you to learn how to stretch effectively and open up your passive range of motion. You can't strengthen a range you don't have. Get there with assistance first then we can strengthen it. You will notice you have more usable range within your workout. It is important we take care and aim to improve our joint health so that we can train with good range of motion for better results and reduced injury risk.  

Follow along with the video to learn how to stretch effectively and release tension.

WHEN: Complete post workout

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