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Day 3 - Headstand

The headstand is a fundamental exercise that provides numerous physical and mental benefits. In this pose, you balance your body upside down with the crown of your head resting lightly on the ground and your hands supporting your head. It requires strength in the upper body, particularly in the shoulders and arms, as well as core stability and balance.

Performing a headstand not only builds strength and stability in the upper body but also improves blood circulation to the brain and by training your body control it will improve your focus and concentration. It is often considered a gateway to more advanced inversion poses in calisthenics, such as the forearm stand and handstand. Let's test your control!

Todays Action

Attempt to unlock the headstand

REPS: 1r of 5-10s hold
REST: 1-2min
SETS: 3-5

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Extra Content - Cali Reps

Calisthenics reps, found throughout the Calisthenics Compounds system, are fundamental exercises aimed at building strength and muscle endurance using one's body weight. In these exercises, you'll perform a series of repetitions of Barbell Rows, Push Ups, and Squats.

Each rep engages muscles across the body, particularly targeting the upper body, core, and lower body depending on the exercise. This rep challenge will target the whole body giving you a full body pump and increasing your endurance and strength. 

Well done on completion of the 3 Day Cali Challenge!

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