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Kick-off your Calisthenics Freestyle journey and start unlocking dynamic skills on the bar. Join this 30 Day Freestyle Challenge to see if you can unlock 5-10 new bodyweight tricks. This is for beginners and intermediates who are unsure how to progress further. In this Calisthenics Freestyle journey, you can learn one new trick at a time with in depth coaching videos through our easy to use Tutorial Library. You can incorporate as little as 5-15mins of Freestyle to your workouts choosing progressions and a skill that suits you. This is not a program... it's a library of dynamic skills for you to add to your personal inventory. Unlike strength training... These skills can be learnt instantly if you have the correct progressions and mindset. This is the way to flaunt your abilities and become a well rounded athlete on the bars. We challenge you to 30 Days using the Freestyle Library! Let's go!



Online Coaching, £200.00/month

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